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24/7 Emergency Services

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Dependable Service Calls & Installations in Georgetown, TX

Serving the Georgetown, TX Area

Do you have electrical needs that you need professional help with? When you hire us at JEI Electric, you will have a professional there to help make sure that your home is working safely and efficiently.

We offer a variety of services at JEI Electric including services such as:

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades.
  • EV Charging Stations.
  • Remodeling.
  • Rewiring.
  • Service Calls.
  • Commercial Services.

We Do Service Calls & Installations in Georgetown, TX

...or anywhere else in the Austin area?

Are you looking to get your home rewired, to install lights or other fixtures or to get an electrical panel upgrade? If you are needing a professional electrician to come and give you an estimate on your repair or upgrade, we can help. Not only do we offer a variety of services, but we can also help you if you have an electrical emergency in your home or office. Our experts can come and help to install light fixtures, ceiling fans, smoke detectors and more.

JEI Electric is connected to JEI Construction and that means that you will be able to get expert service calls & installation in Georgetown, KY. If you have an electrical service need, you can count on us to help you. We will give you an estimate on your repair or upgrade. Do you need something installed? Just call us and let us know what you need, and we will start on your estimate. No electrical need is too big for our team.

Our professionals offer a wide variety of electrical services. Call us today if you need:

  • Your home is rewired, or new wiring installed.
  • Outlets installed or repaired.
  • A whole home surge protection.
  • Fixtures or lighting installed.
  • Light fixtures repaired or replaced.
  • Ceiling fans repaired, replaced, or installed.
  • Lighting installed.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors installed or replaced.
  • Smoke detectors installed or replaced.
  • Exhaust fans installed or replaced.
  • Pool or hot tub wiring.
  • Electrical safety inspection.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Electrical repairs.

Expert Service Calls & Installations in Georgetown, TX

Yes, most electricians can handle electrical emergencies and other issues, but what happens when they cannot get to your location promptly? That’s why you need a trusted electrical service company near you. 

Electricity can be very dangerous and that is why it is important to hire a professional. At JEI Electric, we know electricity. Our team knows what it takes to replace, repair, install or fix any kind of electricity. We also know that safety is very important. We know exactly what needs to be done to keep your home safe from fires.

JEI Electric is the company to trust with all your electrical repairs and installations. Our 24 hours availability means that we’ll arrive in time enough to stop emergencies from turning into disasters. So, what might warrant calling an emergency electrician? 

You should seek immediate solutions if you notice any sparks, arcing, or excessive heat on your appliances or electrical connections. JEI Electric is a licensed and insured general contractor. 

With a focus on communication and customer service, we don’t cut corners or mark up our materials. Our dedication to quality is what really sets us apart, so give us a call when you’re ready for an estimate!

Emergency Service Calls & Installations in Goergetown, TX

We never know when an emergency is going to happen. When an emergency situation pops up, you need someone that can come out and handle the problem right away. Our professionals are usually available around the clock. We can come and help with an electrical emergency both night and day. If you have an emergency, give us a call at JEI Electric.

Always pay attention to the signs around you. If you notice anything odd, smell burning, feel heat around your outlets or you see sparks, give us a call immediately. We can come out and fix the problem before damage is done or before a fire starts.

It is important to hire a professional for your electrical needs. Electrical fires can happen whenever your electricity isn’t done correctly. We want you to be safe in your home and we will make sure that your home is up to date and safe.

From an upgrade to a smoke detector installation, we want to help. We will help with both big and small electrical needs. We can upgrade your electrical panel, or we can even rewire your home. We can install all of your lighting or even make your home a smart home.

We can help you with all of your electricity needs. By giving us a call, you are putting your electricity in our hands, just where it’s meant to be. Call JEI Electric now and let us give you an estimate!

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JEI was prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. The work was completed to my specifications and the electrician made sure to do interim quality checks with me to ensure the project was still to my liking. Highly recommend, will hire again to do work in the future.

-Marc G.