Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacements in Pfulgerville, TX

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacements in Pflugerville, TX

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The Best Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installations in Pflugerville, TX

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Most of the internal parts of your house are meant to last for a while, so your electrical panel won’t need to be switched out very often. However, it’s still a good idea to have it looked at every 40 or 50 years to make sure it’s running smoothly. Of course, there are also things that you can look for to know if it needs a replacement.

Since all of these things involve your electric panel upgrades and installations in Georgetown, TX, it’s a safe assumption that everything is electric-related. Whether your lights are turning on and off, your light switch zaps you, or the panel feels hot, these could all be signs that a change is needed in the near future.

Something else to watch out for would be if you notice the edges of your wall outlets being singed or darker. Still, the most obvious one is if you’re still using a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker. With more technology being used in the household, it’s a good idea to have an updated electric panel so give JEI Electric a call!

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Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installations in Georgetown TX That Will "Shock" You

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Some of the things that will determine the final cost of your electric panel upgrades and installations in Georgetown, TX can be the type of panel you need, the number of amps needed to power everything, the size of your panel, and how many materials will be needed. Knowing that new panels average $3,500, that’s a sizable amount to invest.

Because of that, and many other reasons, we always recommend going with a professional. Trusting experts like the ones we hire to complete our team can avoid the risk of improper wiring on installation. If you go with someone that uses wires that are the wrong size or length or doesn’t install them correctly, it could lead to a house fire.

In case you’re still looking for reasons that you should consider electrical panel upgrades and installations in Georgetown, TX:

One of the things that usually attracts people is knowing that they can possibly get their money back and that’s exactly the case with a new panel. Because electrical panels are designed to be around for 25 years on average, they can add to your home’s value if you ever sell. The more circuits and amps in your panel, the higher the value of your home in the modern era.

If you’re more concerned about getting ahead of a situation before it becomes a situation, a great way to do that with electrical panels is to upgrade before there are issues. In households that have more plugs every year, there’s a good chance that your panel is getting overworked or overloaded on a daily basis.

This is actually a main reason that there are so many house fires across the nation every year, which is why an updated panel might be the solution. If your electrical panel isn’t up to the job you’re asking it for with more and more appliances and devices plugged in, the overload or improper wiring by someone less experienced could lead to a spark that endangers your home or even your life.

JEI Electric is here to help with your electrical panel upgrades and installations in Georgetown, TX, so don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call with any questions you might have. If you’re ready to get started with a new panel, let us know and we’ll schedule your free inspection and estimate today!

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JEI was prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. The work was completed to my specifications and the electrician made sure to do interim quality checks with me to ensure the project was still to my liking. Highly recommend, will hire again to do work in the future.

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