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Reliable Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in West Lake Hills, TX

...or anywhere in the Austin area.

There’s a lot of effort going into helping the environment these days. Electric vehicles keep the air cleaner and don’t necessarily use gas, but they do need somewhere to charge. More people are buying electric cars and manufacturers are making them, but a charging station at home can charge faster.

If you’re not familiar, we can install a charging station that charges in half the time. There are also city rebates up to $1,200 that you might be eligible for. Whatever the case, JEI Electric can make life easier for your EV and give you a fair estimate.

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Trustworthy EV Charging Installation in West Lake Hills, TX

...or anywhere in the Austin, TX area.

Whether you’ve got a gas-fueled car or an electric vehicle, they’re built for travelling to and from a destination. They also share a similar number of passengers, but at some point you’ll need to “refuel.” There are a lot more gas stations that are easily accessible. Within minutes, a gas vehicle can on its way. However, it’s a lot more difficult to find somewhere to charge your EV and those stations take much longer.

Getting an EV charging station installation in West Lake Hills, TX can improve your travel plans and save you time, so call us today at 512-808-6363 to get started!

Choose Your EV Charging Station in West Lake Hills, TX

...or anywhere in the Austin, TX area.

Some electric charging stations are easier to install than others, but you should still have it done by a professional. Our electricians at JEI Electric know how to safely install electrical appliances and projects. Proper installation means that your EV charging station in West Lake Hills, TX could last longer. We also know local codes and regulations to follow, so you won’t have to worry about that. On top of everything, we care about your property and want yo make sure you’re maximizing your EV charging station.

You might not know that electric vehicle chargers need a reliable circuit, so they can’t be connected just anywhere. Because these stations use so much power, your circuit has to handle 125% of your charger’s output, based on the National Electrical Code. If you multiply the amps from your EV charger by 125%, you’ll get the amps your circuit needs to be able to handle. So, for every 40 amps from your charger, the circuit need 50.

Our experts also know that you can pick between a hardwired or plug-in charging station. Both get mounted on your wall, but there’s a big difference: Hardwired connects directly to your home’s wiring while plug-in charging stations need a 240-volt outlet nearby when they’re installed. Still, plug-ins are easier to install and use.

Location of your EV charging station is crucial, which is another reason to hire a professional. We can give you advice on where to install the charger to make sure it can reach your vehicle. You might base your decision on the charge port on your current EV. However, if you park in a different place or get a different EV, the charge port might change. For the best advice and expertise, call JEI Electric today at 512-808-6363 and schedule your free estimate!

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JEI was prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. The work was completed to my specifications and the electrician made sure to do interim quality checks with me to ensure the project was still to my liking. Highly recommend, will hire again to do work in the future.

-Marc G.