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Top Home Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Pflugerville, TX

...or anywhere in the Austin area.

With environmental protection such a high priority in the conscience of society, electric vehicles are something to cheer but they still need somewhere to charge. Especially as the number of Tesla and other electric cars goes up, you might want a place to not only charge, but get to full faster.

An upgraded charging station can charge your car in half the time and there’s a chance that Austin Energy might give you financial rebates up to $1,200! If that interests you, we’re here to see if you’re eligible and to make sure you get the most with a free estimate.

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Maximize Your EV Charger in Georgetown, TX

...or anywhere in the Austin, TX area.

There are a lot of things that electric cars have in common with gas-powered ones, like the number of passenger seating or the distance they can go between refills. With that said, the method of that refuel is a huge difference that might impact your decision. To get gas, all drivers have to do is go to the easy-to-find gas stations and fill up in a few minutes. Charging stations are much more rare and can take more time.

Having a charging station installed at your home or business would solve that problem and charge faster.

Trust Your EV Charging Station Installation in Georgetown, TX

...or anywhere in the Austin, TX area.

When you’re investing in a new EV charging station, you want the peace of mind that comes by hiring a professional to do the installation correctly. If it’s not installed properly or the person is inexperienced, there’s a good chance that the charging station won’t last as long or you’ll unknowingly violate city codes. They also won’t know to think about bigger-picture things, because there’s a lot about an EV charging station in Georgetown, TX that you might not know about and wouldn’t know to ask.

The good news is that our experts at JEI Electric think ahead and have the experience, so we know how your charger needs to be installed correctly on a circuit with enough power to handle it. According to the National Electric Code, that circuit has to be able to obtain 125% of the charger’s power. Essentially, that means that you need 50 amps on your circuit for every 40 amps supplied by the charger that’s hooked to it.

Another thing that you might not know is that there are two charging stations: Plug-in and hardwired. The former is easier to install and use because it’s mounted and installed near a 240-volt outlet that it’s plugged into. The hardwired is also mounted, but with wiring that goes straight in.

Because of these types of chargers, an important decision for you to make will be where it’s mounted to reach the charging port on your vehicle. Something to think about is if you park in a different spot for whatever reason or get a car with the port in a different location, because it has to be able to reach. Whatever the case, call JEI Electric now and we’ll answer any questions or be happy to make recommendations for your EV charging station in Georgetown, TX!

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JEI was prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. The work was completed to my specifications and the electrician made sure to do interim quality checks with me to ensure the project was still to my liking. Highly recommend, will hire again to do work in the future.

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