Rewiring in Cedar Park, TX

Rewiring in Cedar Park, TX

Electrical Remodels

Electrical Remodels

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Feel Safe with Rewiring in Cedar Park, TX

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The electrical wires in your homes aren’t supposed to need fixed for years, but time has a way of wearing down the insulation and making them not as effective. Rewiring in Cedar Park, TX will make sure that your home is not only powered, but safe.

As a homeowner, it might help to know some of the main signals that you might want to watch for:

  • Circuits aren’t stable or keep resetting
  • Outlets turn black or you smell fire
  • Your lights are flickering
If your home is older or it’s been a while, you could also just need fresh wires or more outlets installed. Whatever the case, let JEI Electric help with your rewiring in Cedar Park, TX today!
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Get the Best Rewiring in Cedar Park, TX Results with Us

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When you notice any of the signs mentioned earlier or just want to feel secure in your home, we strongly recommend hiring a professional electrician to take a look. Improper wiring installation could cause a fire or permanently damage your appliances, or you could electrocute yourself by accident. You can call us anytime, but here are a few more in-depth ways to know you probably need rewiring in Cedar Park, TX:

  1. The age of your home is a strong indicator and one of the most obvious, because older homes weren’t built with as many outlets. Power strips are an option, but they can be overloaded or less effective for powering devices. Outdated wiring also wasn’t designed for current appliances and has been behind a number of house fires. Your home could also have aluminum wires, which are the most dangerous and need to be replaced.
  2. Because bad or old wiring has been attributed to a lot of house fires, it’s no wonder that any kind of burning smell from your lights or outlets should set alarm bells off. The physical evidence of this is, of course, blackened or dark singeing on your outlet cover or light switch. If you notice any of those, call JEI Electric immediately to have one of our trained experts inspect your property.
  3. Circuit breakers are meant to turn off electricity in case of a surge, but a faulty breaker will do it more often than needed. This can cause your lights to go out for no reason, but they can also flicker if the bulbs are loose or the wiring isn’t installed correctly.

Whatever your electrical needs, when you need an electrician for rewiring in Cedar Park, TX make sure to call JEI Electric to get the most for your money. We’ll treat your home like our own and you can trust our trained staff to keep your property wired safely.

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JEI was prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. The work was completed to my specifications and the electrician made sure to do interim quality checks with me to ensure the project was still to my liking. Highly recommend, will hire again to do work in the future.

-Marc G.