Electric Vehicles Gaining in Popularity

Electric Vehicles Gaining in Popularity

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At JEI Electric, it’s our job to pay attention to electrical trends and popular upgrades for the modern home. Based on a 2023 survey, electric vehicles are the next wave among home and business owners across the nation.

There are many reasons for this shift to electric vehicles, some of which might not be a total surprise for anyone that has to drive a lot in fuel-powered vehicles. As you may know, some of the common issues that go with gasoline-fueled cars are:

  • Ozone-damaging exhaust fumes
  • Expensive maintenance on your vehicle
  • Increasing prices at the pump

The good news is that electric vehicles are an alternate means of transportation that offer a solution to many of these problems. Because they use an EV charger to run, except hybrids that can use both sources of fuel, your electric vehicle can simply charge and go. Many residential clients are calling us for estimates on electric vehicle charging station installations in their home garage. We can help if you need this service.

The best part is that you can get an EV charger installation at your home or business to make transportation easier in your electric vehicle. Keep reading about the survey to learn more about the results, or get started with an estimate by calling JEI Electric today! If you run a business, you’ll love knowing we’re a properly licensed commercial electrician.

Electric Vehicle Survey Says…?

The survey in question was given to over 2,000 adults in America to get a good idea of their thoughts on electric services. The main outcome of the survey was that a large number of people are interested in getting an electric vehicle of their own.

Statistically, 20 percent of adults said they’re likely to buy or upgrade to an electric vehicle in the year 2023. One drawback for many of them is that only 15 percent said their workplace has an EV charging station.

The good news there is that many modern businesses are taking the initiative to install an EV charger. It could take a while for all of the installations to be completed, though, which means a lot of homeowners are choosing to have their own EV charger installed at their house.

Before you try to do it yourself, though, know that around 80 percent of the adults surveyed didn’t plan to install their own EV charger. That’s good for a number of reasons, like the fact that it could be dangerous to mess around with electrical parts.

EV chargers are also fairly recent, which means they can require more electrical expertise to correctly install. Our trained electricians at JEI Electric are familiar with EV charging station installation, so you can trust us when you call today for an estimate!

Get Your EV Charger Installation

While you might be excited at the prospect of having your own EV charging station installation, it’s important to take steps to prepare your home. Here are some of the best ways to make your home ready for an EV charger:

  • Work with a professional electrician to install a dedicated circuit. Because the power demand from your EV charger can be high, you should have a separate circuit to prevent the risk of an overloaded circuit or electrical fire.
  • Consider an electrical panel replacement. An outdated or worn panel might not be able to handle the electrical demands of an EV charger. At the same time, a new panel could offer more circuits and safety measures.
  • Keep your garage clean. Minimizing the clutter in your garage can make an EV charging station installation easier and prevent dangerous situations.
  • Do your research. There are multiple types of EV chargers to consider, with Levels 1 and 2 being better-suited to residential needs. Which one is best for you will mostly depend on your driving habits and the distance you need to go.

Our experts can recommend the best level of EV charger for your needs when you call us today and schedule an estimate!

Upgrade Your Home for Efficiency

An EV charger is just one way to improve your home’s electrical efficiency. The survey concluded that there are 4 basic steps you can take to increase efficiency in your home, which can save time and money while reducing risk:

  • Getting an electrical panel replacement is a great way to start. 44 percent of adults surveyed agreed that the possible electrical savings was a huge appeal to upgrade their panel. Not only can a better panel use less electricity, but it can offer better safety.
  • Whole-home protection isn’t as widely used, with only 13 percent of surveyed adults having it. This can prevent a single power surge from ruining all of your electrical appliances and devices. You might feel secure with a surge protector, but whole-home protection is much better, and safer. You could also avoid paying thousands in electrical replacements and repairs.
  • Install or update your carbon monoxide detector. 80 percent of respondents agreed on the importance of a carbon monoxide detector, but not everyone has one. Carbon monoxide can be deadly, but it’s odorless and colorless. That means you should have a detector to identify the possible threat.
  • Install a backup generator. As useful as these can be, only 23 percent of homeowners in the survey have a backup generator. Since power outages can last for days, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan with a generator.

All of these upgrades to your home can improve your electrical safety and efficiency with energy use. If you’re ready to get an EV charging station installation, or want any of the efficiency upgrades, give JEI Electric a call today!

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