The Dangers of Overloading Your Electrical Circuits


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The Dangers of Overloading Your Electrical Circuits

Overloading Your Circuits

Experiencing a circuit overload can lead to minor or significant issues in your home or business. There’s a good chance that you’ve dealt with some of these problems before without realizing it. Unfortunately, overloading an electrical circuit could result in severe consequences.

The good news is that a lot of modern homes come equipped with circuit breakers that can handle overloads safely. In most cases, the circuit breaker will trip and the safety feature will turn the associated switch off before any damage is done.

However, not all circuit overloads function as expected. You should always try to avoid overloading a circuit, whether or not you have an updated circuit breaker. You’ll often see circuit breakers and electrical panels referred to interchangeably.

An overloaded circuit happens when too much electrical demand is placed on a single circuit. It generally comes from multiple devices with a high demand that are plugged into the same outlet, like a microwave and a toaster.

Although avoiding overloaded circuits can seem easy, they may occur even when you believe you’re taking precautions. The most important thing is to understand which outlets share the same circuit and distribute your devices across those circuits for safety.

If you’re still unsure why an overloaded circuit is a big deal or want to know how to better avoid the situation, keep reading or call our electricians at JEI Electric today!

Do You Have an Overloaded Circuit?

There are many problems that overloading a circuit can lead to. While it could be something as simple and brief as a temporary flickering of the lights or mild power outage, it could be much worse. In fact, an overloaded circuit could cause:

  • Wiring issues
  • Electrical shock or electrocution
  • Electrical fire
  • Damaged or ruined devices and appliances

You might be surprised how common an electrical fire actually is, and the scariest part is that it could happen at any time. Overloaded circuits don’t necessarily mean you’ll experience any of these issues, but they’re not worth tempting fate with.

Any sign that your circuits are overloaded should be addressed quickly. If you notice anything wrong with your electrical appliances or wiring, unplug everything and try plugging your devices into a different circuit.

Is Your Circuit Overloaded?

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re overloading a circuit, there are several signs to watch for. One of the most obvious outcomes is that the power in your room goes out, which means that circuit is drawing too much power.

However, you could mistake that for a power outage. One way to tell the difference is if the power is only out in that room or your entire home. It’s also good to check the electrical panel, because the switch for that room could be off.

If it’s in the off position, that means the breaker for that room was tripped and the safety measure was engaged. Of course, other symptoms can show up before an overload. Some of the common signs of an overloaded circuit are:

  • Buzzing or humming sounds near the outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Lights dim when you turn on another device

If you notice any of these issues or you’re worried about overloading a circuit, give JEI Electric a call today!

Need an Electrical Panel Replacement?

It’s common for a circuit to be overloaded by user error, because a lot of homeowners don’t realize they’ve plugged more that one of these devices onto the same circuit. However, it’s not always something that you did that causes an overloaded circuit.

In a lot of cases, it’s the circuit that’s the problem. Updating or upgrading your circuits is essential to electrical safety over time. One of the best ways to prevent electrical issues, like a fire or shock, is with an electrical panel replacement.

Newer panels offer better safety measures and can handle the electrical demands of modern households. Because of that, a new circuit breaker can likely provide improved electricity to your devices.

You can trust our professionals at JEI Electric to install your new electrical panel. While we’re there, we’ll inspect your wiring for any issues as well. Improper or outdated wiring can be just as dangerous, especially if your wires are too old to handle the electrical output of your new breaker.

If you’re noticing any of the signs mentioned above, or a room in your home or business keeps shutting down completely, it could mean that it’s time for an electrician. Overloaded circuits aren’t inherently dangerous, but they could spell serious trouble if left ignored.

Whether you just need an inspection for peace of mind or want to upgrade your electrical panel, you deserve to feel secure. Call JEI Electric today – the local electrician you can trust!

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